Stirred 2014 Apr-July

Monday 28th April 

Theme: Mirrors



Shirley May is co-founder and voluntary Creative Director of Young Identity, a young people’s poetry collective. She has also been part of Commonword, a literature development organisation. Shirley won the North West Poetry Slam and has performed at prominent venues across the North West.


Andrew is a Manchester-born writer of poetry, creative non-fiction and obscure radio drama. He started performing his poetry publicly in mid 2013, and since then has become obsessed with it. His writing veers towards the more surreal elements of life and often blends together poetry and prose. He has a (healthy) obsession with the TV drama The L Word and tends to think and speak of fictional characters as though they were his real, absent friends. He is one half of the team behind the monthly open mic event Transdimensional Space Goats, at which he also comperes.

Monday 26th May

Theme: Frida Kahlo



Suzanne’s first collection of poems “The Barking Thing” was published by Bloodaxe in 2007. She has recently won the Anne Born prize which gives her time with poet-mentor Penelope Shuttle. She hopes to finish her second collection, with Penelope’s help, very soon! Suzanne teaches creative writing at Sheffield Hallam University and in the community. She is particularly committed to working with people experiencing or recovering from mental distress. She also writes short fiction and for theatre. Suzanne lives in Manchester, UK.


Jennie is writer and educator. She has written three plays and performed for The Didsbury Players. Jen is currently working with storyteller David England, compiling folk tales from Lancashire which will be published by The History Press in May 2014. She is also organising Wild Writes! a series of writing workshops for young people in Stockport. Jen lives in Greater Manchester with a very patient Computer Geek and three hyperactive felines. @WildWrites 

 We are away in June writing on Arran! Be back with fresh inspiration for July.

Monday 28th July

Theme: (Undiscovered)



New to poetry but not to writing, she is a compelling reader and is currently crafting a novel. We look forward to hearing her feminist poetry words.


Jess Bradley is queer crip poet whose idea of a good time involves chatting shit about the revolution whilst cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Like the page for Queer of the Unknown here.

Pip/Kashka Georgeson is a queer, disabled, working class feminist poet with a high opinion of Angel Y Davis and a low tolerance for liberal bullshit. She hails from a far distant land called Skelmersdale and spends her days dreaming of creating an armed feminist milita/queer mafia.




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