Stirred 2015 Feb-May

Monday 23rd February

Stirred: Bodies

Special Guests:

Keisha Thompson…

is a performance and page poet. She has been published in various anthologies and is a core member of Manchester’s youth writing groups: Young Identity and Inna Voice. She is currently working on solo show, I Wish I had a Moustache with support from Contact Theatre. She also released her first EP, Abecedarian on Sept 24th

Camille Ralphs…

started in Stoke, and has moved about a bit since then. Currently Senior Poetry Editor at The Missing Slate, she was also 2014’s Cambridge Editor-in-Chief of The Mays Anthology. Personal projects in progress include a collection of Potteries dialect poems supported by Staffordshire County Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council, and her most recently completed work is Malkin, a sequence of dramatic epitaphs on the topic of the Pendle Witches and an exploration of unorthodox spelling as expression of identity. Some of her writing can be found online and in print, and in anthologies including Best of Manchester Poets Volume 3 and Earth-Quiet: Poems from the Tower Poetry Summer School 2012.

 AJ McKenna…

is fat, trans, kinky and queer, and writes poems about all the above. She is the author of the pamphlets ‘A Lady of a Certain Rage’ and ‘names and songs of women’, the album ‘…the gunshots which kill us are silenced’, and the poetry film ‘Letter to a Minnesota Prison’. She is currently developing a one-woman show which she hopes to debut in Edinburgh this year.

Monday 23rd March

Stirred: Shout

Special Guests:

Jo Johnson

Trade unionist, failed rugby fullback, recreational trumpet player, occasional spoken word artiste, tea drinker, feminist.


Xaverian Poetry 

Five young women from Xaverian College exploring the theme of shout, directed by Marianne Daniels.

Monday 27th April

Stirred: Tracey Emin

Special Guests:

Madie Howard

Madie graduated from Lancaster University in 2014, with a wordy degree in word expertise: English Literature with Creative Writing and Practice. In 2012 she founded a still-active Feminist Society, where she ran campaigns on topics such as rape culture and body positivity. She enjoys performing poetry, stand-up comedy and multi-media works at various Manchester events. Her writing can be found on her blog:, incorporating themes of compassion, feminism and cultural analysis.

Spoken Weirdos responds to Tracey Emin

Geneviève L. Walsh

Marina Poppa

Toria Garbutt

Spoken Weird has been running for two years, and tonight we’ll be crossing the Pennines for an all-female set from founder Genevieve L Walsh, Marina Poppa and Toria Garbutt. Toria is “the human machine gun” of punk poetry, wowing audiences at such festivals as Musicport and Beacons last year, who has just appeared in the film With Banners Held High. Marina is a multiple slam winner whose performance at Holmfirth Arts Festival led to her frank and inspiring poems captivating audiences throughout the country. Genevieve is founder of Spoken Weird and first published female member of A Firm of Poets, and is currently working on her first solo outing, Lass Grenade.


Monday 25th May

Stirred: F**ked Up Fairy Tales

Special Guests:

Kate Bendelow

Kate Bendelow has been writing since 2013 during which time she has produced a novel, succession of short stories and quite a few poems. Now totally hooked on words she’s trying to spend as much time writing as she can, in between looking after her 2 gorgeous girls and working as a part time CSI. She is also a nature geek who hates bigots, is passionate about equality and is prone to too much swearing!


Fat Roland


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