Stirred Guests 2010-2012

Theme: Uncategorised: Monday 03 December 2012

Mid Shelley

Mid Shelley describes herself as: wordsmith, screamer, storm reveler, night embracer, travel lover, truth seeker, hug giver, verse breather. Click on the link to watch her revels.

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is playwright, poet and theatre deviser, her words travel from South Cumbria to West Africa, and are carved into Channelside Haven.  Puppy wolf co-editor, currently mentor at Ashton Group Theatre.

Adrian Slatcher 

Adrian Slatcher writes fiction, that’s occasionally hard-boiled, and poetry which tends to the metaphysical, and has lived in Manchester since 1991.

Theme: Birthday: Monday 01 October 2012

Melanie Rees

Joseph Hobson

Theme: Dreams: Monday 03 September 2012 

Miles Hadfield

Karen Little guest host

Theme: Travel: Monday 02 July 2012

John Darwin

Sarah Pritchard

Theme: Film: Monday 02 June 2012 

Belinda Johnston

Jo Bell via the anthology launch Split Screen.

Theme: Food: Monday 07 May 2012 

Laura Phoenix

Zach Roddis

Theme: Art and Poetry: Monday 02 April 2012

Marianne Daniels

Mark Mace Smith

Theme: Music: Monday 05 March 2012

Martin Christie, accordion player and poet.

Theme: Unbirthday: Monday 06 February 2012

Monday 04 April 2011

Emma McGordon

Steve Whaling

Monday 07 February 2011

Gerry Potter

Emma Decent

Monday 06 December 2010

Rebecca Aimee Lanyon Wilmott

Belinda Johnston

Joseph Hobson

Stirred Launch: Monday 04 October 2010 

Dominic Berry

Steph Pike

Jemima Foxtrot Wilson Martin



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