Stirred 2013 Feb-July

Monday 4th February 2013

Janet Rogerson

“Rogerson keeps the tone light as the material darkens, telling stories which sting and convince in poems whose timing is bewilderingly confident and assured.”  John Mcauliffe

Sarah L Dixon

Sarah L Dixon is the Quiet Compere of Lead Poets, creative writing prompter and award-winning poet. Sarah was awarded the First Prize in the acpNews award for Journalism in 2007 for her piece about her wedding in the style of a post mortem.

Richard Barrett
Richard Barrett is the author of 3 chapbooks and 1 full length collection. He co-runs the innovative poetry press Department, currently accepting e-submissions.

Monday 4th March 2013

Leanne Bridgewater

Leanne Bridgewater: poet, artist and animal equality campaigner, with an MA in Creative Writing: Innovation & Experiment. Her latest creations include a range of alternative greeting cards, published by zimZalla Avant Objects. She also hosts The Free Frame of Reference poetry night in Manchester. Soon, her poetry will be published in The Dark Would vispo anthology. See her perform here.

Karen Little

Once upon a time there was a teenager who ran away to London because she was in love with Kate Bush and everything she wrote. Kate told her about London contemporary dance school, so she trained as a dancer there, and danced in various countries. Then she trained as a sculptor at Camberwell art school and exhibited in various countries. Her only qualification for writing is possession of a pen.

Monday 22nd April 2013

Judy Kendall 

Judy Kendall is an award-winning English poet, short story writer, playwright and Hawthornden fellow. She delights to play with shape and space in her work, which is strongly informed by the visual aesthetics of Japanese haiku.

Sarah Crewe

Sarah Crewe is from the Port of Liverpool. Her chapbooks include flick invicta from Oystercatcher and Aqua Rosa from erbacce press. She co-edited Binders Full of Women with Sophie Mayer and Catechism: Poems For Pussy Riot. She is also a member of Stinky Bear Press, who do music nights and zines in London. She has work forthcoming in the Fit To Work: Poets Against Atos anthology and Shearsman magazine.

Ben Willems

Ben Willems has been writing poetry for about 10 years and living in Manchester for four years since studying at MMU. He tries to write poetry which is subversive, suggestive and sonorous. Sometimes it’s acerbic, sometimes it’s slapstick, sometimes it’s sentimentally suspect. Recent highlights include appearing at Platform 1 in London getting a poem into BOMP 3, and having the same poem exhibited briefly on the Rochdale Canal Trail until it was ripped off and ended up in a puddle.

Sunday 19th May 2013

Hosted by Karen Little and Anna Percy.

Sarah Pepin

Sarah Pepin is currently studying for a Masters in creative writing: the poetry route. She is part of the team behind Tongue in Cheek, based at The Castle. Her poetry is enquiring, sumptuous, grounded in humour and an innate faithfulness to lived experience.

Tony Sheppard

Tuesday 30th July 2013

Cathy Bryant

Cathy Bryant is a stalwart of the Manchester poetry scene. Her book ‘Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature’ has been published by Puppywolf press and she has been co-editor of three BomPs. Her poetry is humorous, gentle, thought provoking, and her performances do full justice to her voice. She has won poetry prizes ranging from Swanezine Poetry Contest to the Marple Humorous poetry prize.

Cathy Bryant at Best of Manchester Poets

Cathy Bryant at Best of Manchester Poets

Jennie Bailey

Jennie Bailey is a writer and educator. Her poetry published in ‘The Nail’, The Best of Manchester Poets volumes 1 and 3 (Puppywolf), Electric Sky (Bad Language) and Blank Pages. She has performed poetry at Manchester Pride, Manchester Comedy Festival, the London Vegan Festival, and was a finalist at the 2008 Hammer & Tongue slam poetry competition. She is part of the Tongue in Cheek collective that runs monthly spoken word and music nights in Manchester.
Jen is a self-confessed “Word Nerd” and has also written articles and book reviews for Enigma, Red Pepper, Starburst Science Fiction Magazine, RSPB Wild Times magazine, D+C journal, Corporate Watch and Citizenship Times. She has written three plays and performed for The Didsbury Players. Jen is currently working with storyteller David England, compiling folk tales from Lancashire which will be published by The History Press in May 2014. She is also organising Wild Writes! a series of writing workshops for young people in Stockport. Jen lives in Greater Manchester with a very patient Computer Geek and three hyperactive felines.

Jennie Bailey at Stirred

Jennie Bailey at Stirred

Ian Bowkett

Ian Bowkett is a performance poet from Birmingham, England who writes energetic and nerdy pieces about love, alcohol, and that grey area in between love and alcohol. He is currently promoting his debut collection, the x and 0, to be released as a CD and book in late July: His facebook poetry page can be found at:

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    Oh..I have never seen that you tube of me before…aint technology grand!

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