Stirred is a feminist collective who run Stirred Poetry, a women’s poetry night where women and men are encouraged to read pro-women, feminist poetry. We also facilitate workshops around Manchester.

In 2016, we are launching Stirred Press, aiming to publish zines, chapbooks and anthologies of writing that fits in with our aims and our themes.

The team behind Stirred consists of: Anna Percy, Rebecca Audra Smith, Lenni Sanders and Jasmine Chatfield. We also have silent members who take part in one-off events.

Our host venue for performance nights, generally the third Monday of each month, is The Three Minute Theatre.


2 comments on “ABOUT
  1. Jimi says:

    I thought the poem was marvelous.

    Barry White?

    Anyway, Palmstruck is the name of my band, and I must say I, along with the rest of the band, was impressed when we saw the graffiti (which is also down through fallowfield in a number of places).

    Keep up the good work,

  2. belljargirl says:

    Hey I’ve nominated you for ‘One Lovely Blogger Award’. You can see here http://belljargirl.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/one-lovely-blog-award/ :)

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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