Broken Resolutions Workshop and Poem by Anna Percy

Here is the Broken Resolutions workshop if you wish to do it yourself at home. And  poem from me this is very much a workshop draft and of course I was running the workshop so my attention was mainly on

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Stirred Workshop Margaret Atwood

This month’s belated workshop is online only due to my being delayed in Norwich. Set a timer for five ten or fifteen minutes if you are feeling brave and free write until the timer stops. This means you just keep

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Stirred: Monsters

Monsters-define ‘Human monsters have been attributed to intercourse between women and the devil’-Wiki ‘a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature….a thing of extraordinary or daunting size.’ Google Our next performance evening is on Monday 31st October, the night of All

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National Poetry Day 2016

”I awake in the smell of his hair & cannot remember his name, or my own.” Diane Di Prima, An Exercise in Love ”you are terrifying and strange and beautiful something not everyone knows how to love.” Warsan Shire, For

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Poetry: After the Sensual World

After The Sensual World We taste of beer pale ale for summer and I am wet When we are clothed I breathe you in and touch The part that are uncovered We are apart I can forget how smooth your

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Workshop: Kate Bush

Just One Kiss You don’t need a mouth or lips or teeth to shape the phrase I want to make. You don’t need words—just one kiss to break the spell.  Mmh, yes. If my hands could make the words weaving

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Workshop: Female Beat Poets

Our Stirred friends gathered a moon ago to write a response to the female beat poets of the 50’s/60’s. Our zine submissions are open for the beat influenced or inspired poems, so get them sent to us by close

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Workshop: Silver Birch

Here’s the first of our themed workshops for A FOREST! 1. Set a timer for five, ten or fifteen minutes and free write from the line: “Then one day she noticed the forest had begun to bleed into her waking

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Wonder Women: Through our lives in these threads

Stirred Poetry performed as a quartet at Wonder Women’s launch, called What is She Wearing, run by Instigate Arts in March 2016. We were incredibly honoured to be part of the event, which was a live response to art and the theme

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Workshop: Found Poetry

This workshop was facilitated by Anna Percy on Wednesday 13th April at Marble Beer House in Chorlton. Here are the exercises so you can try them out even if you couldn’t make it! Sculpted/Erasure Poem Print off a piece of

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015